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Regal and ultra-Glamorous, this 1991 Napier necklace is from the Limited Edition series, "Royalton," one of its most coveted collectibles. The weighty, richly plated necklace radiates vibrant color~~topaz, emerald green, sapphire blue, and ruby red. The mesmerizing Swarovski crystals are variegated shapes punctuated by embellished gilt frames.

This patrician beauty measures 25" long end to end, and a bold 1 3/8" at widest point.

These creme de la creme treasures promise a legacy of compliments, and will dazzle even the most jaded jewelry audience! They are both signed and in Excellent condition showing no wear~~a Showstopper set with unrivaled Runway allure!

Materials: gold, Swarovski, gold plated.

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